Advanced Software Solutions for the Glazing and Home Improvement Industry

CAD Software to transform the way you do business

Software Solutions


Virtual Shopfloor

Increase the efficiency of all glazing and home improvement product manufacturing with this powerful manufacturing software.



Advanced, simple to use sales and surveying tool allowing installers and retailers to deliver a unique and interactive sales experience.


vsHome AR

Visualize customers designs in 3D Augmented Reality (AR) allowing them to step inside and explore their design using advanced AR technology.



Reduce errors and wastage, synchronize sales and manufacturing with centralized management and storage of all contracts, products and customer details.


Bespoke Solutions

In addition to PST’s own bespoke software, there is also the option to link directly to ERP business management software for a totally seamless solution to business efficiency.

Our Story

Production Software Technology (PST) was formed in 1990 and is a pioneer in the development of computer-aided design (CAD) software – specifically for the glazing industry.

Operating across the UK, over the last 30 years PST has developed a range of software solutions to transform the way that glazing home improvement companies sell, survey and manufacture their products.

Our applications are predominantly based upon our own proprietary 3D surface model engine which allows us to accurately represent a wide range of glazing products. These include conservatories, solid roofs, orangeries, doors, windows, garden rooms and more. Each of these products can be demonstrated, sold, surveyed, and manufactured using our integrated software solutions.

With unparalleled technology and application flexibility, PST glazing software has become the benchmark IT solution for all aspects of the glazing & home improvement industry.

The vsHome Software provided by PST is a fantastic design and visualisation tool which makes it possible for me to help homeowners bring their ideas to life and realise their dreams for their new extension. The quality of the images and reports that the software can generate is far better than other systems I have used in the past and I also find the software simple enough to use even for those who aren’t as confident with computers. I would highly recommend anyone who is in the business of selling Home Improvement Products directly to the Homeowner to try the vsHome Software as you will not be disappointed and the level of support provided by PST Ltd is excellent.

Gary Habify Home Improvements

Being in the conservatory roof industry for 10 years, I have used 5 different types of roof designer software, and the software by PST is the easiest and most detailed piece of kit I’ve used. Regular updates and patches are always reassuring, knowing the team are listening to their clients and improving the software.

Michael Abcell

I’m quite happy to say it’s probably the most user friendly processing package I’ve used, easy to customise reports and settings.

Darren Contech Conservatories

We use PST extensively for the purpose of specifying Supalite roofing solutions. The software is extremely powerful as well as accurate and we use the VSHome AR feature on every quote we produce to give customers an amazing insight into how the product will look. We get fantastic feedback from customers for this, and it is integral to our sales and quotation process.

Keith Feel Warm Glazing

I started using PST Software in April 21 and this is the first time I’ve used this kind of software. PST have been very helpful in getting me used to the software and I’ve been finding it very easy to use and picked it up quite quickly. Everyone at PST are very friendly and it’s never a problem if I need any further help with anything. I would highly recommend PST.

Sharron Lambton Conservatories

It’s a really good system for what we need it for, easy to use and can pick things up quite quickly.

Josh Evaroof

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